Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Long time no blog! I am so excited for today's post! I wrapped up my first semester of nursing school yesterday, so I finally have time to blog again and I'm so happy. I have so many ideas for posts over the next couple of months while I'm on break. We're finishing up some projects at the house currently and have a few trips planned over summer break! I figured this would be a good post to start with for the summer since wedding season is beginning and this is always one of my favorite gifts to give.  I've tried to post about this before but the photos never turned out how I wanted them to, so I just kept saying "okay I'll do one for the next wedding," and here we are. Being 22, and having friends who are older than me, means that most of my friends are just starting to get married which is super exciting because weddings are definitely one of my favorite things. This gift idea is perfect because for one I just love giving gifts and two I love travel size things (doesn't everyone?). I'm guilty of being a gift giver repeater on this one but I will say every time that I have given this as a gift it has been different! The thing I love about this gift is it's a great idea to give to someone that you've been friends with forever or someone that you just met! It's great because you can change what you put in the bag and change the bag itself to customize it for the bride (and to fit your price range). Over the years of giving these I have found that the best place to usually find a bag is TJ Maxx, they always have a good selection at a great price, or Target. It can sometimes be tough to find the clear bags but you could put the items is any type of bag, box, or anything really!

Some of my favorite things to put in these little emergency kits are of course bobby pins because someones hair always gets messed up between getting ready and the start of the ceremony, tissues because someone's mom always starts to cry, a shot of the bride's favorite to ease the nerves, band aids for blisters, and a nail file always comes in handy.

Some other things that I have put in other bags that may come in handy: mini scissors, Benadryl (especially for outdoor weddings), a couple of granola bars/trail mix, a gift card for coffee,  safety pins, lint roller, hand sanitizer, mini sewing kit, feminine products and eyedrops. 

It would also be super cute to put all of the items in some sort of travel bag as a gift for the bride to use on her honeymoon trip! 

I think this is just the perfect gift and a gift that any bride would appreciate getting. I gave one to one of my best friends last year and we kept it with us the day before the wedding while we were setting up and the day of...we used stuff out of it so many times! 

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